Hello my name is Nati, and I am the girl behind the blog “Las Vega’s Closet”

I’m a twenty- five year old interior design student, and living in Costa Ricawith my family and two kitties. My best friend is my sister Melissa.

My favorite films are horror films and animation films.  My favorite bands include The Beatles, The cure, Muse, Death cab for cutie, The smiths, Jamiroquai, among many others.

I eat way too much chocolate and drink to much peppermint tea. If I could choose my favorite item of clothing would be a dress but I have to say that I wear jeans far too often, and my current shoe cravings are heel Mary Janes.

In my wardrobe you could find pretty much anything – I don’t pigeonhole myself into one style!

At the heart of my wardrobe, you’ll find vintage pieces from my grandma’s closet, also bold necklaces, hats and lots of tights

my style’s been described as whimsical – with bold statement pieces, vibrant colors.

You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest or on Twitter.


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